More than two decades of effective, performance-based, environmentally protective solutions


Based in Adelaide, South Australia, BioCentral Labs produces modern engineered chemical solutions around the globe. Through our distribution and support networks, we put the most effective tools into the hands of industry professionals in the field throughout Australia, the USA, Canada, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

BioCentral Labs brings effective, safe, environmentally-protective solutions to businesses in the field.


With over 22 years of performance-based, environmentally-protective solutions, BioCentral Labs places the continual research and development of modern, engineered, environmentally sustainable products at the centre of our ethos.


Through our Australian-made and owned products, we have a long history of providing cost-effective products to industries that value performance, precision, and reliability.

Wide Support Network

Through our wide support and distribution network, we create positive impacts worldwide. With our cost-effective, environmentally-protective, impactful engineered chemical products, essential industries can operate with greater confidence and effect.


Through our extensive research and development, we replace outdated environmentally damaging technology in use around the world with more water-efficient, safer products that secure our planet’s future.

ISO 9001 Certification

We have earned ISO 9001 certification for our manufacturing and quality management systems through independent testing and evaluation. Our in-house research and development team continually reassess and improve our products to meet and exceed industry standards.

Strong Connections

We work with a range of professionals and partners worldwide in industries such as firefighting, mining, construction, fabrication, and agriculture, providing the most effective support and solutions to significant challenges they continue to face.

Providing cost-effective, performance-based solutions internationally.

BioCentral Laboratories is proud of its international impact, hailing from our modest roots in Adelaide, South Australia, and growing over two decades to become a global operation. Today, with our products and solutions applied around the world, BioCentral is able to make a true impact on the issues which we identify the largest impact can be made.

In particular, we are proud of our US-based BLAZETAMER380TM team, who have made a powerful impact on the increasingly severe wildfire disaster seasons that North Americans are seeing. Our US team has boots on the ground, equipping American firefighters with the customised tools and support they need to fight fires effectively and safely.

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