The replacement for water-soluble oils for cleaner, simpler machining.

What is CoolToolTM?

As a water-soluble metal removal fluid, CoolToolTM is the superior option for heat reduction in machining. Engineered to be the replacement for mineral-soluble oils, CoolToolTM is safer, cleaner, and more effective than traditional machinery cooling products.

CoolToolTM is designed to the needs of machinists in the field to be simple, effective, and environmentally protective. Switching from your current oil-based machinery coolant to CoolToolTM will make your machine work cleaner, faster, and produce significantly fewer pollutants.

Why switch to CoolToolTM?

For cleaner, safer machining, CoolToolTM is a water-soluble, environmentally-protective alternative to traditional oil-based metal removal options.
An absence of oil requires less cleaning of equipment and fewer slip-hazards in the work area
Reduced need for safe chemical removal services for contaminated water-soluble oils
No odours caused by oil decaying in your sump, and no requirement for anti-bacterial additives
Reduced volume of coolant required for consistent machining - CoolToolTM is only lost through the removal of material from the machined product
Machining outputs can be rinsed with water, removing the need for cleaning solvents
Tooling and drilling components last 30% longer due to the superior cooling effect at the cutting surface
Significantly reduced skin irritation and dermatitis caused by contact with oil-based solutions
CoolToolTM allows an increase in machining speed up to 25% compared to traditional oil-based solutions
Allows simpler storage and monitoring of cooling solution to maintain strength and longevity.

Performance-based solutions to meet the needs of industry professionals

BioCentral Labs develop effective, environmentally-protective products that meet the needs of industry professionals in the field. CoolToolTM is developed to replace unsafe and ineffective water-soluble mineral oils that make the work environment hazardous and inefficient. CoolToolTM is designed for use in modern high-cutting speed NC machining operations, though it may not be suitable for your equipment.

The development and distribution of CoolToolTM is in direct response to the challenges and requirements of machinists working in the field, and BioCentral Labs is dedicated to providing a product that continues to meet those needs.

“This product has achieved brilliant results across a broad range of customers. The ultimate result is they have repurchased CoolTool. I think this is a testament to the quality and versatility of this product, and thought you should know it!”

Glen Morris - Auswide Band Saw Supplies

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