About Us

Providing environmentally protective, engineered solutions for modern problems.

BioCentral is where the lab meets the field.

At BioCentral Labs, our focus is on developing chemically engineered products that are welcomed by people on the ground and solve significant issues present in such fields as firefighting, soil hydraulics and moisture retention, surface stabilisation, dust suppression, and high-speed machining.

Our products provide cost-effective, performance-based solutions that are easy to use and require minimal adjustments in equipment, training, and practise for professionals working in the field.


We are South Australian based, operating internationally throughout Australia, the USA, Canada, Africa, and Asia. With local research conducted by the best talent Australia has to offer, we maintain high standards in product development, pushing the leading edge of science and technology.


We produce inventive, engineered solutions for modern problems. With big-picture perspectives, we produce products that perform reliably and effectively in industries such as; firefighting, mining, construction, agriculture, and civil engineering.


Our products provide viable, alternative solutions for customers inclined toward non-destructive practices. Our products are biodegradable, non-toxic, and conserve water - a significant advantage over our competitors.


We produce solutions that are cost-effective, performance-based, and easy to implement to benefit businesses, industries, and professionals in the field.

“With a rich history of innovation and sustainability, I am proud of the BioCentral team’s extraordinary dedication to bringing laboratory research to bear in providing effective solutions where they’re most needed.”

MELISSA BROOKS — Managing Director



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