ct-logoCoolTool™ was developed principally as a replacement for water soluble oils being used in modern high cutting speed NC machining operations. In an increasingly polluted and oil dependent environment BioCentral set itself the task of actively seeking a less polluting substitute for the traditional “use it and throw it away” method of machine cooling. It is estimated that one third of all water soluble oils used in the machining of components ends up being dumped in a drain somewhere.

CoolTool™ Features & Testimonials.

What has been a critical component in the design of this product is its ability to be used continually without breaking down. CoolTool™ is lost only through the removal of the cut metal “or swarf” as it attaches itself in the metal removal process.

Glen Morris (Auswide Band Saw Supplies)

“This product has achieved brilliant results across a broad range of customers. The ultimate result is they have repurchased CoolTool. I think this is a testament to the quality and versatility of this product and thought you should know it! ”

Paul Carter (Chase Tactana) began using CoolTool in September 2004. Since that time he has emptied his Cincinnati CNC machining centre and CNC lathe coolant reserve tanks, twice.

“My reservations turned into observations in the first few months. My clothes and my skin used to stink with the smell of rank oil. Not any more. My floors were always slippery, not any more. When I thought “going green” was going to be extra work, in no time at all, turned out it to become less work. Just amazing. “

Paul has monitored the accumulation of benefits and lists them as;

  • No requirement to clean the machine centre and lathe every 6 months
  • Elimination of disposal and recycling of used and contaminated water soluble oils
  • Elimination of anti bacterial additives. [Bacteria will not grow in CoolTool ]
  • Total elimination of odours created by the decaying of used oil in the sump.
  • Final machined components can be washed off with water [ Elimination of cleaning solvents]
  • As most of our components are electroplated we have never had electroplaters complain about pre-cleaning metals since using CoolTool.
  • Tooling and drilling components last longer because of the endothermic reaction created by CoolTool at the metal cutting interface
  • Increased tooling life in the order of 30%
  • Almost total elimination of drying skin and dermatitis plaguing him throughout his machine operating career spanning 20 years, defined and created by bacteria proliferation in deteriorating, water soluble oils.
  • Increase in machining speeds of up to 25%
  • Elimination of fluid monitoring to maintain strength and age of the solution.
  • No more greasy and slippery floors.

Why Use CoolTool?

There is always going to be a price paid for eco-friendly solutions, are we prepared to go the extra mile necessary, to exact change? (World Health Organization)

Greenhouse gas emissions are generated from a large number of processes and from a range of often diffuse sources. Emissions are not usually monitored directly but are generally estimated through the application of models and methodologies that link emissions to data on observable activities. If you are serious about reducing the greenhouse gas emissions created by the refinement and disposal process of soluble oils, then you should utilise CoolTool™ technology.