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AquaBoostAG30 NWS


Specially formulated AG30 NWS improves infiltration, penetration & retention.

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What are non-wetting sands (NWS)?
– NWS are generally soils that do not uniformly wet up. NWS may be hydrophobic (non-wetting), due to sodicity, plant-tree oils, waxy residue from crops such as pastures, legumes or due to very low clay content.

Will AG30 NWS assist with water penetration?
– Yes, AquaBoostAG30 NWS is a blend of linear polymers designed to reduce the surface tension of water and improve the wetting and penetration of water into the soil.

AG30 NWS will overcome:
· Poor water infiltration leading to reduced moisture availability.
· Patchy germination of seeds and emergence of seedlings
· Reduced survival and productivity of crop plants.
· Reduction in the availability of essential plant nutrients.
· Creation of preferential flow pathways.
· Increased overland flow and accelerated soil erosion.
· Excessive power use to apply or pump water.
· Excessive water use to get effective infiltration.
· Uneven wetting patterns.
· Reduced ability of water and oxygen to move through the soil.
· Excessive pooling of water on the surface of the soil.

Additional benefits:
· Creates lateral movement of moisture.
· Increases nutrient uptake.
· An ability to “harvest” water from either irrigation or rainfall.
· Increases the uniformity of a crop.
· Is specifically tailored to alter soil hydraulics in hard to wet soils.

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