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AquaBoostAG30 Liquid


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· Promotes lateral spread of moisture
· Slows moisture through soil profile
· Improves fertiliser efficacy
· Enhances germination, plant health and yield
· Reduces irrigation frequency
· Limits leaching losses of water and nutrients
· Reduces the impact of wet and dry extremes during the irrigation cycle
· Decreases plant mortality
· Reduces evaporation from the soil
· Decreases transplant shock for young nursery plants

Crop types
– Agriculture, Viticulture, Horticulture, Broadacre, Vegetables, Lawn and Turf, Land and Streetscape, Silviculture.

Application rates:
– 5 litres a hectare on most crops.
– Suitable for all irrigation systems.

Trial proven in:
– Potatoes, onions, almonds, tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, olives, cereal crops, pistachios, carrots, wine and table grapes, turf, sorghum, citrus & many more.

Soil type:
– Recommended for all soils apart from hydrophobic (non-wetting).

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